Customer Reviews of Workshops

Genuine enthusiasm

Individual attention given to each “student” was excellent & Andy’s genuine enthusiasm for travel & photography inspiring.

Sharon Margin

Enjoyable and informative workshop

Andy, many thanks for a very enjoyable and informative workshop. Despite having taken photographs for 35 years I now realise how much better they could have been. I look forward to putting my newly acquired skills into practice.

Robert Odewahn

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely brilliant.  I got my money’s worth within the first 15 minutes of the course – and that was just learning about 1 setting!  I feel so much more confident and equipped, and am really looking forward to taking fantastic photographs I can be proud of 🙂  Thanks Andy!

Georgie Atherton

Care and attention

Thank you Andy, thank you Di.  Your care and attention throughout the booking and the course itself has been much appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

PS, our friends are astounded at the photos that Rohan took,  thank you for being patient and helpful with him.

Inez Maurer

Clear and helpful teacher

I feel Andy was a very clear and helpful teacher who ensured that no one in the workshop was “left behind” in learning. I thought Andy measured peoples level of understanding and pitched his teaching in the workshop accordingly. Good value for the money. Thanks.

Steve Fagan

Learned heaps

Hi Andy I enjoyed the workshop today, learned heaps and appreciated your patience.  Thank You.

Kerry Watkinson

Plenty of “aha!” moments

I thought this was a really good workshop – theory immediately followed up with practical application – and a good balance of both. Plenty of “aha!” moments. Small sized workshop meant that Andy was able to help people individually – which he did with patience. Pace of workshop was about right. As well as the reward of learning some basic concepts I left feeling encouraged to learn more.

Anne Skinner

Highly recommended!!!

An absolutely fantastic course. I learnt so much in a small space of time- everybody in the course did no matter what their level of experience. There was so much to take in and Andy was a fabulous teacher. Highly recommended!!!

Taya Conomos

Great course

Thanks for a great course Andy. I have learnt lots about how powerful my camera is and I now look forward to taking amazing photos!

Jason Fong

Excellent workshop

This was an excellent workshop!! I thoroughly enjoyed it… the skills Andy has taught me have given me a working knowledge of my camera and now have a great base to start experimenting and practicing with.. I will definately be coming back for the other workshops!!

Leigh McDermott

Great opportunity

Great opportunity to hear and understand the theory then experiment to reinforce the skills and understandings.  Thanks Andy

Tony Lo Cascio

Wonderful course

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and hope to become a better photography with the new found knowledge that I discovered on this wonderful course. I would higly recommend this class.

Suzanne Cappello

Fantastic teacher

You are a fantastic teacher, Andy. I really enjoyed the class and I found your individual attention to each person was a real feature of your class,especially taking the time to make sure everyone understood before moving on.

Samantha Brown

Very enjoyable

Thanks Andy, Had two great days, learned heaps.  Really enjoyed the night time photography and the company of the group who attended. Thanks to Di as well.  Hope you find time to have some lessons up here in Orange one day soon.  Looking forward to attending further workshops.  Thanks again for a very enjoyable weekend of photography.

Deborah Wright

Very excited

Thank you Andy. I am now looking at photography in a whole new light. I was concerned it may be over my head, however I fully understood everything and am very excited to use the skills I have been shown by you.Thank you.

Kim Parslow

Enjoyable course

Hi Andy, I really enjoyed the weekend travel photography course. It was really helpful to learn about techniques, functionality and practical side of photography. I feel I am closer to taking better pictures. I sure will be thinking of you as I travel the world and take pictures incorporating all that I learnt this weekend!

Diana Augustine

Loads of fun

This course was loads of fun and made loads of things I’ve never understood make total sense. Andy is very welcoming and the whole experience was incredible. I would highly recommend this course.

Gemma Carroll

Thanks very much Andy

The course was much better than anticipated. My expectation was that we would be walking around taking photos of various sites and being told what camera settings to use. The education provided on how to use the camera is far more valuable. Thanks very much Andy, I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Richard Tapner

Fantastic knowledge

Andy is great! Fantastic knowledge and he presents in a casual and absorbing manner.

Greg Hughes

Very happy and excited

Hi Andy, thank you so much. The course helped me to understand not only how to use the functions on my camera but which settings to use for different types of situations. This is the platform I was looking for to help me capture images the way I would like to, very happy and excited.

Bernadette Sawtell

Absolutely brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant! Exactly what I wanted. Andy is very friendly and has a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Caroline Mills


I really enjoyed the class. Andy is thorough and an excellent teacher…there is a lot to take in, but the amount of information is about right and not overwhelming. Excellent.

Angela Faherty

Enjoyable and fun

Your two day course was very well presented with theory and practical components of photography. I now have a better understanding of all aspects of my dslr. The course was enjoyable and fun to do. I’ll be recommending this course to all of my photography friends. Thanks Andy and Di your course was excellent value for money. 🙂

Geoff Marchant

Highly recommend

A brilliant class with the perfect mix of information, time to practise and of course ask all sorts of questions. I would highly recommend these classes, not just for their great content and structure, but also for providing inspiration getting to learn from such an experienced photographer and teacher. A perfect gift from my other half, I’m sure he is going to enjoy the benefits of me now finally knowing how to use my camera!

Jo Tickner

Excellent communicator and an engaging teacher

The subject matter was comprehensive, with the right mix of practice and theory. Andy is endlessly patient, an excellent communicator and an engaging teacher. I am now motivated to pursue my interest in photography which will mean a return to the Piggott teaching experience for the next level.

Vicki Finch

Absolutely fantastic

This workshop was absolutely fantastic! It taught me how to use settings on my DSLR that I never knew existed! Now I am off the automatic setting! Andy you are a fantastic teacher and I’m looking forward to doing the next class after a bit more practice! Thanks again!

Rebekah Ezzy

Loved everything about the course

Andy I loved everything about the course. You have managed to convert me from the auto setting to actually being able to use my camera so thank you

Audrey Jones

Great communicator

Andy knows what he is talking about. He is very professional and is a great communicator. Andy kept the class simple yet informative and did not hesitate to answer any questions.

Joe Zammit

Great workshop

Hi Andy, great workshop. It was a pleasure to meet you. The information and experiences you have passed on will hopefully allow me to get the most out of my photography. Thanks again.

Con Dalamangas

Absolutely loved the class

I absolutely loved the class, thanks! Just the right mix of theory and practice, with some interesting stories to boot. Perfect. I’ll be recommending your classes to anyone who’ll listen!

Jane Louise

Really enjoyed it

VERY GOOD! I really enjoyed it and I have learnt a lot! And Andy taught us really well with lots of patience and thanks for all the tips and advice for my photography dream!

Angela Wong

Learnt an enormous amount

I’ve learnt an enormous amount today. Andy has the ability to simplify what appears to be very complex tecniques, while making the class enjoyable and easy to follow. I look forward to more of his classes. Thank you!

Deirdre Davison

Very informative

Very informative, thorough and professional while still maintaining the personal friendly touch throughout.

Elly Fleming

Absolutely loved this class

I absolutely loved this class – I really appreciate learning the functions my camera has and how to use them. It’ll be great not to use the automatic setting now – can’t wait to try out all the options you taught me! Thank you so much for everything.

Heather Dubois

Great expertise

So much information delivered with great expertise, enthusiasm and humour. Thanks Andy for an inspirational day!

Lynne Williams

Really enjoyed

Really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Cathy Ford

Great teacher

Andy your a great teacher! everything you taught has been glued to my head and the notes you prepared for us are perfect! Definitely would recommend taking the class 🙂 THANK YOU!!

Kim Stapleton

Beautifully explained

Thank you Andy for a great day of learning, everything was beautifully explained, and you practical exercises showed me so much also.

Diane Favorito

Great teacher

A very enjoyable day Andy is on the job & a great teacher to be around

Mark Enfield

Great workshop

Great workshop. I found it very informative and helped me build I on the knowledge (or lack of) that I had. Enjoyed doing the workshop with my 16 year old daughter Isabella. I have already recommended the workshop to a few people who are keen to enrol. You are a great teacher Andy and are great at explaining the basics so that it is easy to understand.

Nestor Lalak and Isabella

Exceeded my expectations

This course exceeded my expectations. I learnt so much and you covered all of the things I had wanted to know and more! The resources you gave us will also help me long after the course. You didn’t overlook any details and I had a fabulous day. There was plenty of individual attention as well. Thanks very much Andy and Di for your professionalism and friendly service. Jo.

Jo Fenton

Excellent and considerate teacher

I found the class excellent for my needs as a beginner with a little bit of theoretical knowledge but no experience in using a DSLR camera. I liked the emphasis on practical application, I thought that Andy was an excellent and considerate teacher and all in all I think that the class was extremely good value for money.

Ray Spurr

Great teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day workshop. The progression of the class was perfect as we started with the basics and built on these throughout. I have left feeling very confident. Andy was a great teacher and was able to explain everything in a way I could understand. The class felt very personalised and Andy was more than happy to answer individual questions throughout. The balance between theory and practical was great. Thank you!

Sarah Nicholson

Thank you

Di has been very helpful on the booking and follow up front, thank you. It was an enjoyable day and I look forward to putting it into practice. I can see that there is so much more to learn however I do not believe more could have been included in one day. Andy you have a great sense of humour which is refreshing amongst all the terminology and new information that we are so keenly trying to remember in a short time frame. Great tips and suggestions for future purchases and very good knowledge of camera’s being used. Thank you for your help.

Lorraine Tighe

Highly recommend

Hi Andy, many thanks for what was a very enjoyable and informative day. You have the talent to simplify the difficult for the novice. Learnt so much that I am now excited about my camera and photography. I can only highly recommend this workshop if you are interested in taking good quality photographs

Steve Watson

You’re brilliant!

Andy – I immensely enjoyed your beginner’s class! As an amateur photographer, everything you taught me was perfect to get me started on my photography journey. Thank you so much, you’re brilliant!

Ally Burnie

A natural trainer

Thanks so much for a great day yesterday! Your workshop was very well planned & it’s very clear you know your stuff – you are a natural trainer. Hyde Park works perfectly as a location, with just the right variety of subjects to practice what we were learning & to keep us interested. I feel like I have a better understanding of how to use my camera now & how to take better photos. I look forward to seeing your new gallery on your return from Paris!

Rebecca Munro

Fantastic workshop

Just want to say thank you again for a fantastic workshop. It was great to put into practice all the techniques that you mentioned throughout the day and I thoroughly enjoyed how hands-on and interactive the class was. I will be definitely recommending this workshop to friends.

Jo Giannikas

Enjoyed your style

Thanks Andy, I found the course really useful and informative and, something I rarely say about “teachers”, I very much enjoyed your style. I’d recommend the course to anyone who, like me, had an interest but very little experience in photography. Thanks alot.

Scott Truman

So inspired

So inspired to go out and take photo’s and try out all the new things i have learnt! I didn’t think it was possible to learn so much in one day. Thanks so much you made the day a lot of fun and it was taught in a way that was really easy to understand!

Liana Scott

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely brilliant. We now are not afraid of those other dials and buttons on the camera. Within the very first minute I was learning something new. Andy is casual, friendly, patient and very informative. Thank you so much from all the family.

Peter Smart

Great class Andy

Thanks for a great class Andy, I learned heaps and was finally able to take some photo’s of my wife that she liked!

James Henderson

Thanks for a great day Andy

Thanks for a great day Andy. I’m still trying to take it all in but your notes are proving very valuable to help everything crystallise. I really appreciated your good nature, patience and of course your wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much!

Lani Foulger

Very impressed

Andy, I was very impressed with the class. It really filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge and the notes and cheat sheet are great. You and Di are doing a great job keep up the good work. Alex

Alex Frew

What a fantastic day!

What a fantastic day! I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it. It’s the little things your camera can do that you don’t really pay attention to that make the big difference, thank you for showing us and taking the time to answer our questions. I’m looking forward to attending other classes.

Ronia Elters

Great enthusiastic teacher,

Had a wonderful day in Sydney listening, practicing and learning so much from a great enthusiastic teacher, willing to share his love and knowledge of all things photographic. Had a fantastic day – the brownies were delish !!

Sue Evans

Brilliant and inspiring

The 1 day workshop was brilliant and inspiring. The day was well planned and balanced agenda. Andy was great at explaining the techniques to all mixes of people and camera’s. Look forward to booking the next class! Thank you.

Wendy Greenhalf

Greatly appreciated

Andy, at last someone has authoritatively taught us about our cameras and their uses in a way that we completely understand and feel confident with. No more point and shoot for us…there is technique that really isn’t beyond us if we practice. We greatly appreciated and thank you for your presentation style, patience and passion.

Brian Pieterse & Louise McCormack

Andy you are excellent at what you do ! 

An absolutely great day with all of the content a new photographer needs to learn. Everything was explained very well & gave me the start and confidence I was looking for. Thankyou Andy you are excellent at what you do !

Tony Arvanitakis

Learnt so much

I thought I could take a good photo, anyone can take a good photo. that was until I did the 1 day course with Andy, I now have the tools to take GREAT photos. Thanks Andy I had a great day, great weather and learnt so much. I would recommend the day course to anyone wanting to turn good into great.

Eileen Patterson

Absolutely fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic! Helpful, interesting and good size class.

Hannah Caine

Great course

Great course, very informative. Easy going format very patient willing to answer any questions. Would recommend to anyone starting out

Barry Wademan

Really learnt a lot!

I really enjoyed your class today. Really learnt a lot! The break at the cafe was a nice treat. Thank you so much, looking forward to practise And take some great shots now! Cheers, Cristina

Christina Fracasso

Really enjoyed it

Another good course, Andy, taking the basics and then applying them. I particularly appreciated the way you made specific remarks that related to the particular type of travel photography that individuals were looking at taking and the time you put in after we finished discussing lenses, equipment options etc. really enjoyed it, Thanks.

Stephen Hollings


The day was fantastic! I am a beginner and went with someone who has some prior photography knowledge. We both came out of the session feeling that we had learnt a great deal and that the session presented great value for money!! Thanks for a wonderful day!!

Raewyn Fernandez

Excellent teacher!

A great course and an excellent teacher! Very useful notes to consolidate learning. Looking forward to both putting what I learnt into practice and Day 2.

Stuart Clark

Andy explained everything well

I really enjoyed the day, The pace was good and Andy explained everything well, often repeating the main points to ensure everyone understands which I think is really important. The course also suited the beginner which was essential for me, I am really looking forward to getting out again with this new knowledge!

Karen Bales

Really great

The course was really great. For years I have pointed and clicked and wondered what else I could do. Andy was great, very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. Am going to build up my skills and try the next level.

Catriona Scott

The course was excellent

The course was excellent. Andy did a great job of explaining things in simple language and ran a good sized group so everyone had one-on-one help when needed. Andy’s willingness to answer any question asked and build that into the workshop was most appreciated. I can’t wait to do the next course with him. Thanks again Andy.

Fred Marzano

I couldn’t stop talking about what I had learnt

Hi Andy, I did the 1 day workshop on Saturday and just wanted to say thank you. I learnt so much and you are a treasure chest of knowledge and that shows through your enjoyment of helping complete novices like myself. I have already recommended you to people I know because I couldn’t stop talking about what I had learnt. I am looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice.

Emily Garside

Just what I needed

Thank you so much. The last course I did was entirely theory and I was so completely overwhelmed by information that it was all too much. Your step by step process and practical approach was just what I needed. Now I am looking forward to practice what I have learned and build up to see you for the next phase. Belinda

Belinda Christie